Project developed by Foodlosofia  
My role: Senior Food Designer (observation, concept, strategy, menu creation) / All right reserved
Context_ Food For You is a food retail concept based in Monterrey, Mexico. It is known for its meal plans oriented to people wanting to engage in diet challenges. Their value promise is to deliver healthy food in a convenient and fast way, nevertheless, their initial success in the market was not as expected due to the complex communication of their concept. The vision for this project was to offer a meaningful experience that would deliver positive changes on the customer’s life, converting Food For you into a social magnet of the healthy lifestyle generation.

Approach_ Foodlosofia conducted fieldwork and contextual research with customers and the restaurant staff. Through consumer journeys and qualitative interviews, we identified key insights that guided our process. We designed a new experience for each consumer that included not only their food selection, but activities and information that complemented their healthy choices.

Solution_ Foodlosofia created a new segmentation based on the physical and emotional needs throughout the day. The new segmentation of food was based on (1) Love, (2) Fresh, and (3) Good Energy. The Love category was composed by meals that provided a comfortable and emotional feeling using ingredients from classic Mexican home style meals. The Fresh category included recipes with fresh and raw ingredients. This segment was chosen by people who want a light and nourishing meal. The Good Energy category involved ingredients known by their high content of protein and fiber, acting as boosters for the body. ​​​​​​​
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