Article written for Foodlosofia Blog
We tend to choose fast over pleasure.”
My name is Nataly Restrepo. I am a food designer at Foodlosofia and I am passionate about the way the new geopolitical stakes are changing the way we eat. When I think about the culture of food in Mexico, the word “fresh” appears as a main driver for consumption.
The tropical weather of this region provides fresh quality products all around the year, but the rapid lifestyle of the urban scenarios reduces the possibility of eating fresh in our daily life.
Our food choices are no longer satisfying our pleasure, nor our senses, but satisfying our fast and nomadic routines. I believe that the ultimate goal of food is to obtain pleasure issued from good quality food.
Traditionally, quality food has always been linked to what it is carefully prepared in our kitchens, however, nowadays the kitchen has been reduced to a simple space in our homes that we barely use during the week. With this project, I wanted to recover the real meaning of the kitchen and re-think it no longer as a static place, but as a meaningful dynamic full of flavors, techniques, traditions and relationships.
Kitchen means fresh. Kitchen means just made. Kitchen means quality. Therefore, this product allows the nomadic consumers to still have the best experience in the kitchen, no matter where they are. Given our nomadic style of living, we can no longer base our pleasure in static spaces. We must take our quality experiences to live outside our homes: To live our urban experience; to experience OUR kitchen in any corner of the city.
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