Project done by Foodlosofia / My role: Lead Food Designer (observation, insights, strategy, and creative direction)
Objective_ An educational food system designed to integrate healthy, social, and inclusive habits into the daily life of students and campus staff.  
Context_ An open cafeteria space that encourages active participation of students through a healthy, social, and inclusive approach. Our main objective was to design a system where the students and the campus staff could integrate healthier habits into their daily lives without feeling like it was being imposed as a school policy.
Approach_ In an attempt to fully understand the student’s life, Foodlosofia team and me as the Lead Food Designer visited various of the campuses all over the country. During each visit, we spent significant hours observing and interviewing students, professors, and members of the staff with the aim of identifying their routines, needs, motivations, and eating habits. 

Solution_The proposal was focused on food as a trigger for an environment of well-being. The designed system consisted of five main components: (1) food, (2) entrepreneurship, (3) job offers, (4) events and (5) co-working. Through an app where students could establish their preferences and set their schedules to pre-order food and learn about appropriate options for their personal food needs. The space of the cafeteria was no longer conceived as the place to eat, but the place to be, a Hub: an open space that encourages new student projects, providing them with a sales space and a support team. This action could allow students to legally sell their food products, compete with the regular cafeteria offer, improve their business skills, and find a flexible job to alternate with their classes.
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