Concept design for a bakery located in Madrid, Spain. 

Given the extensive competition along with the strong culinary traditions related to the bread market, the concept needed a specific added value that represented a unique proposition for the market.
Approach_ In an attempt to fully understand the tight and well-defined context, I began analyzing the rising trends of the market as well as mapping the group of clients with their motivations in terms of reasons of visit and their tolerance to innovation. I identified 5 groups of potential clients: (1) The thoughtful minded, (2) The classical meet-up-ers, (3) The conscious, (4) The Adventurers, and (5) The gossip lovers. Based on these 5 targets, I designed 3 creative territories highlighting different motivations and lifestyles. 
Solution_The first territory was "Bread Hub", a place to casually socialize around bread, enhancing the experience with a cultural and artistic programming. The second option was "Hangout bread" in which the universe of bakery migrated from a passive and morning territory to a festive and indulgent experience. The third option was "Better-for-you bread", with a focus on the products, the ingredients and the formats. The client chose the "better-for-you" option combined with the cultural lifestyle of the first option.
Branding_In order to break the traditional and boring perception of Better-for-you ingredients, the objective of the brand was to reinvent wellness in a joyful and entertaining way. Using colorful and unique bread formats, the product, the menu, the packaging and the stationary visuals, were designed based on the spontaneity, creativeness and freedom of the universe of bread. 
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