Nataly Restrepo is a food designer, educator, international speaker, and innovation consultant for the food and beverage industry.
I am an industrial designer holding a master’s degree in food Design (Nouvelles Pratiques Alimentaires) in France. My approach is grounded in a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between humans and food, navigating the evolving geopolitical and environmental landscapes that shape our eating habits. I apply creative methodologies to drive meaningful changes for a better future of food systems. 

I co-founded Kraut Food Innovation Studio,  a design studio committed to shaping impactful brands, products, and services for the food industry by unlocking the power of trends and consumer behaviors with a clear mission to craft a better future for both people and the planet through innovative design solutions. 

Driven by my passion in education, I co-created, directed and currently professor of the first food design post-graduate program in Latin America: Food Design & Innovation at CENTRO, Diseño, Cine yTelevisión in Mexico City, where I like to think I am playing a key role in shaping the next generation of latin american food designers. 

With over 13 years of international experience in Colombia, France and Mexico, I have worked as creative director and innovation consultant for the hospitality industry, agriculture and for global food brands. 

I participated in the Dutch Design Week with my project Waunana, a beverage made from the fruit of coffee, collaborating with Colombian coffee farmers to be positioned in the French market and in 2022 I was honored to be selected as one of the "Food Design Voices," a book that gathers the perspectives of various creatives worldwide working in the field of food. 

Co-founder - Food design & portfolio strategy director
Kraut Food Innovation Studio / Mexico - Spain / 2019-current
Designing the future of food & drinks by unlocking the power of trends and consumer behaviour. My role in Kraut is to solve problems based on research, strategy and creativity in order to add more value to the food and beverage business.

CENTRO Diseño Cine y Televisión / CDMX, Mexico / 2018-current
Creator of the academic curriculum 
Academic director and coordinator of the program
Professor of post graduate courses:
Innovation laboratory of Design of edible product
Innovation laboratory of Design of gastronomic experiences
Food Futures 
Strategic food design

Food  strategy consultant
Uncommon Design Strategy / CDMX, Mexico / 2020 and 2023
Design consultant for food innovation projects for clients like Danone, Herdez, Mondelez and Coca-Cola.

Creative director
Foodlosofia / Monterrey, Mexico / 2015-2019
Strategic designer leading the food design department. 
With a team of designers, psychologist and financial strategist, my role was to define innovative visions and design strategies for fast moving consumer goods, re-thinking the perception of food through profitable and sustainable business models. 
-Strategic design for the USA & LATAM food market
-Service and product design for food industry and retail
-User’s experience research
-Food trends reports

Communication Designer
Movendo Pty Ltd / Melbourne, Australia / 2012-2016
Communication design for projects developed with clients in Australia, Asia and North America.

Food Designer
Red Latinoamericana de Food Design / 2014-2016
-Member of the Latin America Food Design Network
-Invited as a Speaker in the 4th meeting in Ensenada, Mexico
-Invited as an International expert in the 2nd meeting in Bogotá, Colombia
-Writer of articles published in the network blog and Social media content update. 

Marketing and design coordinator
Archie's Colombia S.A / Bogotá, Colombia / 2010-2012
Developed design strategies to enhance food experience in the restaurant. This included menu design, packaging design for new products, displays, and interior design. Designed advertisement materials for new marketing campaigns. Coordinated communication with internal and external clients, including suplliers and partners.


L'École de Design Nantes Atlantique
Master in New Eating Habits / 2013-2015 / Nantes, France
The master treats how the contemporary eating habits are evolving due to public health
challenges, as well as high geopolitical and environmental stakes. It studies the food
systems, including production, distribution, preparation and tasting.

Universidad de los Andes
Bachelor in Industrial designer / 2005-2010 / Bogota, Colombia
Minor in art and in italian language and culture
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